A CFA with Innovative Pedagogical Methods

XB Academy - CFA

The Diplomas We Offer

Professional Title: Sales Advisor

  • High School Level
  • Apprenticeship Contract
  • Duration of 1 year
  • 100% remote

Other Offered Training:

  • Chaussea also provides training for employees of the Chaussea group:
  • Successful Recruitment
  • Blended Learning
  • 1 day in person
  • 2.5 hours e-learning

2024 Training Statistics


Hot Satisfaction Rate


Success Rate


Number of Trainees


Number of Training Hours Conducted

As the Training Organization is a newcomer, these indicators will be provided after the first sessions on a semi-annual basis.

CFA 2024 Figures


Percentage of Diploma or Professional Title Attainment


Percentage of Study Continuation


Percentage of Training Interruption


Percentage of Professional Integration of Graduates *

As the CFA is a newcomer, these indicators will be provided after the first sessions on a semi-annual basis

Pedagogical Methods


Sprints with various activities


In-person and virtual classes to complement e-learning


Tablet with a 4G Key so you can attend classes anywhere!

Our Story

Xavier BUONVINO, former HR Director of Chaussea for 23 years, has always been dedicated to sharing his knowledge with employees, adapting to technological changes. Chaussea has around 600 apprentices annually and hundreds of internal advancements to store manager positions. To provide courses tailored to Chaussea, Xavier came up with the idea of creating a CFA affiliated with the group. Upon his retirement, we wanted to honor him by naming the CFA after him.

Training Activity Declaration Number: 44540436854 registered with the Prefect of the Grand Est region (This registration does not imply state approval)

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